The Sample Video

Here is an example of a short promotional video for Social Media which introduces the longer “walk through” video. This video is aimed at drawing clients interest towards the walk through video. This video is great for Instagram and native Facebook posts.

The Walk Through Video

Here is the long walk through video showing the more detailed logical flow of the house. In essence getting an accurate feel for the house without actually doing a walk through.

There videos are great for populating your YouTube channel and reposting the link on your website, property portals and generally collectively upping your SEO and brand.

How we can make this your own

  • Custom thumbnails with your information

  • Tail billboards with your information

  • Voice overs

  • Delivery to Camera so that your clients gets to know you

  • We can provide you with the edited video clips so you can load and promote on all your social media channels.

Promo with voice over and tail billboards with your information

Promo with delivery to camera, tail billboards and custom thumbnail